Hellooo, It’s Meee

I have this theory that life is what you make of it. If not now then when? You can justify almost anything with that little question. So I’m taking my love of life, style, and design, and creating a curated space to inspire busy people to live their best possible lives right here today – not when you own a home, not when you know where you’re going, not when whatever. TODAY. I’m scouring the Internet, cookbooks, and Delish’s insta (you know you like all the photos in their feed) for recipes, I’m sharing DIY’s from beautiful blogs and YouTube videos so that you can dazzle without wasting time and dolla dolla bills y’all, tackling travel adventures and the dating scene, and of course, putting you on to all the Chicago restaurants for the best drinks (not the icky watered down ones) eats and ambiance. I’ll do the legwork and deal with the trials and tribulations in moody lighting sipping red wine and listening to Adele – and give you my shoulda, coulda, woulda’s, B’s Notes, like Cliff’s Notes but definitely cooler. So you get to get it right the first time and spend more time killing it from 9-5 and dazzling from 5 – no judgment! Your life will |B| cool. It will |B| creative. It will |B| styled!


Now let’s rewind because it’s an honest pleasure to meet you. I was not raised by wolves in the middle of East Jibip so, hi! My name is Brooke and I am a daughter, little sister, best friend, dog momma, young professional, free spirit, brunch enthusiast, living life high in the sky of Chicago, or down on the ground when reality calls. I am an east coaster born and raised, but life, and my curious spirit ordered my feet right here to Chicago and I happily obliged.

In the spirit of getting to know each other I’ll share a truth with you, an icebreaker if you will. In the 2 years and one month that I’ve been calling Chicago home I have managed to live in 4 different apartments! Yes – you read that right – 4! Yes it is a mite intense, and no, sadly they were not planned 6-month leases. But, I wear them as a badge of honor now because they all gave me some crash course real life lessons. And when you come out on the other side still standing – who doesn’t love a good life lesson?!

The thing is, even though moving is a pain – truly – the one thing that I have loved about every apartment is decorating. That’s my thing! I know for sure it’s not the night before, during the no sleep, marathon packing session where you start to wonder why you have so much stuff and if you’re actually a low-key hoarder, while you flip through old year books sitting on the floor in some sketchy outfit from the back of your closet. But that feeling when all the boxes are gone, and all the dishes are put away, the pictures are out and you’re chopping the throw pillows to make sure that they’re on fleek. YASS. I live for that moment, it gives me life.

But as I would share my love of decorating and design with my friends, before during and after each move, I heard a lot of them saying things like “I don’t want to buy anything nice since I’m renting,” or “this will do for now because I don’t know where I’ll end up.” And it basically stunned me. Like, what is this mentality? Is this all young professionals because it’s definitely not me. I’ over here with 10,000 things in my online shopping cart deciding what one thing I’ll actually buy. And while I appreciate that we are just starting out, and we want to be responsible, and the future is unknown, guess what – the future is always gonna be unknown! So that is not even a reason. Nope. Sorry.

So now we’re here and ready to have some fun and do the damn thing! The light bulb has come on and I’m in this for us to win this. I’m inspired so you |B| ready!

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