Cinco de Margarita

Have you heard this one before? April showers bring May flowers, and warm weather, and happy people full of vitamin D. I changed it a bit. May means we made it to spring and Cinco de Mayo feels like the official welcome party! And that is exactly why this is my favorite holiday! And because I love my margaritas – strawberry with a sugar rim and a heavy hand of pat-ron to be exact. So with lots and lots of love I put my ear to the street and my feet to the pavement to do a little research so you know exactly where to |B| today and what to |B| sipping! If you love margaritas – and if you don’t, you definitely need to keep reading!

[By the way, in case you were wondering what you are actually celebrating when you tell the bartender you’ll take another round, Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican Army pulling out an underdog victory over the French forces on May 5, 1862. Your cultural tidbit for the day, cheers!]

de cero

First stop of the day! This spot was a reco from so many different friends I had to see for myself. And seeing is definitely believing! This is an awesome little cantina with a rustic vibe full of menu adventures for the daring and a safe haven for the less than tequila enthusiast. The menu has margarita options like Spicy Pineapple Jalapeno, Crushed Cucumber, and Spicy Mango Habanero, pictured left to right. The cucumber option is a solid choice, you really cannot go wrong with the cucumber. It’s light, refreshing, and total perfection. For the hotter options, a word to the wise, the spice is real so if you are not looking to bring the heat speak your peace with the bartender or maybe press on to a different option. I’m trying to give you the 411 – not 911! The best part of de cero’s creations – if you and tequila are not 100, any of these options will work for you. There are so many fresh, flavorful ingredients, you won’t even know you and tequila are cool like that…so be careful too!

838F4F54-FE28-4B8C-9D6C-CF4F699FE79E.jpg , 814 West Randolph Street, Chicago

Cruz Blanca

Almost didn’t catch this beauty, which makes me even more excited to share! This is a cool urban spot with a nice relaxed vibe where the margaritas are flamingos amongst a flock of pigeons. Meaning this spot is actually a Mexican brewery! Which is how I almost missed out on the margs! But I am bringing you the hard-hitting facts and squashing all doubt. If you are a margarita lover don’t let the concept of this restaurant fool you. You go confidently in the direction of the bar knowing that you will be drinking a perfectly blended, generously tequila-ed, margarita to celebrate today!

AD91F053-4E2F-4598-8454-B69CC808FDE5.jpg , 904 W. Randolph Street, Chicago

Broken English

I’m seeing triple! With a location in The Loop, Old Town and Lincoln Park the margaritas here are a must and a win for the day. If you are coming in with your crew I’m gonna go ahead and suggest the pitcher option to you now. You’re welcome in advance. Secrets, secrets are no fun unless I am a part of one. Ok, it’s not exactly a secret – which is good – because I’m telling you! I asked what is the one thing that makes Broken English margaritas different from anyone else’s; and the answer is they make their own sour mix, no basic-ness allowed. So take another sip knowing that your margarita is exclusive. And when the sun goes down the black lights and floor to ceiling murals will light the way to your Cinco de Mayo fun!

A8F0B150-E053-4BD0-89BB-80B275E1E267.jpg , 3 locations

La Vaca

Right in the heart of Pilsen and with a vibe that will make you feel all the rhythm divine; or that could be the margs talking – and so what if it is – talk back! Old world charm, and an awesome Latin playlist set the scene for you to indulge in anyone one (or more) of La Vaca’s margarita options. You’re gonna see a vast list full of fruit and spice and everything nice,  My personal fave – mango guava, not too sweet and totally refreshing. Best part of all the margarita options – more options! Pitchers, top shelf pitchers, on the rocks or frozen. You can have whatever you like!


1160 W 18th St, Chicago, IL 60608


In preparation for today’s celebrations we gotta clear up the whole mezcal situation. I’m over here sipping on my tequila trying to see if it’s a fad or for real. After picking the brain of my Broken English bartender and tasting the goods, here it is. When people describe mezcal as a smokey flavor – believe them. It smells like a bbq! Everyone’s taste buds are different but mine were saying heck no techno! For me, it tasted like having a mouth full of bbq smoke, no lie. But the bartender says they go perfectly well in margaritas, and that there are different types – just like tequila, something a little smoother, something a little grittier, there are a whole range of types. He also mentioned that most people either like it or they don’t – not so much in the middle. So if you are up for trying something new, this is your play.


Where are you heading today?! Let me know!


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