Big Takeaways From 2017 and Goals For 2018

2017 was a big year for me, personally, professionally, every –lly. I think I was able to experience every emotion that could potentially come to mind, and sometimes all of them in one day… that sounds dramatic but it is my truth and was completely necessary for taking big steps forward on the road to the life I want.

So in lieu of concrete resolutions, which I am not exactly a fan of, mainly because I don’t think you can successfully pinpoint one day to start a life overhaul or growth-on-demand. I am sharing my biggest takeaways from 2017 and some of my goals for 2018.




Well in 2017 I started my blog, my contract position at a dream landscape architecture firm ended, I left my dream profession all together to pursue my blog, I started serving again and after leaving one restaurant managed to end up back with the restaurant company I worked at years ago. A bit of a whirl wind, but I’ll stop short of saying full circle because I am not the person I was years ago. All those what seemed like setbacks at the time, were actually character building moments that ended by giving me clarity and confidence to make life changes.

My goal for 2018 is to keep going! Over the past year I think the best advice I have heard repeatedly is to just start. So that’s what I did with my blog – I just started. Now being able to look back and see what my major misses were and some of my successes, I can actually create some achievable milestones for 2018! I’m thinking, networking, collaborations, better planning, and more creative content.




*Coy laugh* … 2017 was some kind of crazy hybrid year dating wise. So that you get the full effect, it included dating a narcissist (I don’t recommend that), a one night stand (compliments of Bumble), picking up a guy at a bar during my gay best friend’s bachelor weekend (the guy I picked up was straight!), unknowingly experiencing the new dating trend of the disappearing act (a few solid weeks then poof), and finally moving on from the ghost – there one minute and gone the next (dragged out over a 2 year span). All in all, 2017 brought me a parade of f***boys!

My goal for 2018 is to stay in the moment, which can sound a little ‘hippy-dippy’ (I’ve been called that) but it’s true. I’m 31, I’m not worrying about biological clocks, or my five-year plan, I’m worrying about today. Am I happy, am I with a genuinely nice guy, do we have shared values, are my needs being met? The idea is to make sure I can answer yes to these questions, and if I cannot, then something needs to change.


Moral of The Story


My biggest success from 2017 was to understand my own vision and to trust myself. Deciding what values were important to me and then making life-changing decisions to pursue them is what I am most proud of. I did not ask for anyone’s input or approval, I simply started, recognized and reacted, and adjusted as needed.

My goal for 2018 is to continue build on that momentum! I think what I have finally learned (fingers crossed) is that there comes a point where you truly start to understand the idea that you can only worry about yourself and live for yourself. What you want your career to look like, who you want to date, who you want to include in your circle, what is important to you, you can only control you.


Learning some of these big lessons and growing so much in 2017 makes me really excited for 2018! Do you have any big takeaways or changed directions from the past year or goals for the new one, share in the comments below so we can encourage and support each other!

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