Bedroom Vision Board

I am a huge champion for the whole idea of before you can achieve, you must believe. I know it might sound cheesy, but for me it is basically a daily mantra. So whilst my financial cup doesn’t exactly runneth over, and I have not done a whole lot of designing for my bedroom in the past year (ok I basically neglected it), I am now convinced more than ever 2018 will be the year my bedroom has a major moment! Keep reading because I’m sharing the overall look I’m after, some pieces I already have and love, and some things to consider if you are designing for a really small space like me.


The Overall Vision

I’m going for a light, airy, romantic feel. With my south facing bedroom wall completely covered in windows, and light flooding in all day everyday, the bones of the apartment have me well on my way, and the pieces I’m considering will help achieve the look!


High In the Sky or Legs On the Ground?

I don’t know if I’m just one of those tall people who like small spaces, or someone who loves an extra design challenge, but I love the size of my “cozy” bedroom (10′ x 8′). That being said a couple of things I always try to consider when picking a piece of furniture are one, how much floor space is this going to cost me, and two, can the item serve more than one function? What I love about item 1 on my vision board (the floating shelves) for either side of the bed is not taking up any floor space and getting seven night stands in one! That is small space perfection. What I love about item 3 is the airy glass top and the thoughtful design detail of the legs.

1. Ikea – LACK Wall Shelf Unit

3. Urban Outfitters – Hollyce Side Table


Inhale, Exhale

My mom always told me it is really important to pick carefully what you place above your bed because those are the vibes and the energies that are present while you sleep. Clearly we would all like to inhale and exhale while we sleep… but I am drawn to item 2 for it’s calming factor and simplicity. And the beautiful script print adds a wonderful touch to the romantic feel.

2. Pottery Barn – Inhale Exhale Print



Light The Way

While I was ranting and raving about the bones of my bedroom earlier, I failed to mention there is no light source in there! And while I would love to have a fab overhead light, the ceilings are not super high and that sounds like a project I’m not prepared to deal with. Queue item number 4! I love the fresh minimal feel of this lamp that also has a nice brass detail that subtly ties into the vision. My favorite part is that this bad boy stands at 14.9″ (with the shade on) so one on each side of the bed will not overpower my little space.

4. West Elm – Mini Abacus Table Lamp – Milk Finish


Bought With Love

I purchased items 5 and 10 while living in my previous apartment where there was actually way more space. Fun fact, item five I debated for three years! It has survived day to day wear, a minor flood, and some dog barf. Item 10 was my first adult piece I bought and I debated it for six months! What I loved most when I bought it was that it was a vertical dresser, and in small spaces, being able to go high instead of wide is always key. What I love the most about it now is that it is just effortlessly beautiful.

5. Neiman Marcus – Sheepskin Rug

10. West Elm – Mid-Century 5 Drawer Dresser – Narrow


To Splurge or Not To Splurge?

There is a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why two beds made my vision board. Item 6 is the dream bed frame with the nightmare price, item 8 is the budget-friendly, more realistic option. Both are a perfect blush, both are velvet, both would make me happy to see them before I go to sleep!

6. Anthropologie – Edlyn Bed

8. World Market – Velvet Caiden Upholstered Headboard



Tie It Together

One little detail I’m excited to indulge in are curtain tiebacks! Considering it actually took me an entire year to get my sheers up, I am really ready and willing to to treat myself with  item 7. The brass detailing and elegant design will pull my sheers back and allow all the light to flood in during the day, and give a girl a little privacy at night.

7. Anthropologie – Luminous Round Tieback

Let’s Reflect

Item 9 is definitely an on trend piece for right now, but I love it for tying into my vision with its subtle brass detail – which would also be picked up in the hardware from the dresser drawers the mirror would hang above (see, subtle). Having such a small bedroom space to work with, anything that can simply create a reflection and therefore the illusion of space is always ideal.

9. CB2 – Infinity 24″ Round Brass Wall Mirror


I would love to hear your thoughts, budget-friendly or budget-bursting bed? Floating shelves or traditional table for a night stand? Share in the comments below!


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