Media Console Ideas

Have you ever been so inspired by a design idea that you just start the… implementation without a full fledge plan? I seriously hope someone else’s hand is up, but if not, both of mine are so I’ve got you covered! Recently (about a month and a half ago) I sold my beautiful and beloved white marble top moveable island because it just did not fit in my apartment. Believe me I tried to make it fit for like, a year and a half. But it was just too big. Not only did I love that piece for taking styled photos on, but I also used it for a tv stand… and now I have no pretty top for photos and my tv is sitting on the floor. Crap. So today I am sharing 9 media consoles that I have been eyeing in the hopes of narrowing down my search and transforming what I have affectionately dubbed “The Ugly Wall” into something a little bit more, spectacular.


The Ugly Wall

For those that may not be versed in apartment lingo, what makes my apartment a jr. one bedroom, or a convertible is that I have a separate space for the bedroom, but there is no door, and the wall does not go to the ceiling. But that is not what makes this an ugly wall. The ugly wall gets it’s name because it has become the dog’s domaine with all of his toys (lack of storage), his food and water, a printer that I prefer to be hidden (lack of storage), and a tv that is so out of scale it’s laughable (my friends have literally laughed at me).




The Contenders


Numbered JPEG


And what I think about the contenders…


Flow Chart JPEG

Keep reading for your daily dose of design inspo, to see what I think about each piece, where it’s from and to shop straight from the blog!

  1. Gulliver Console :: Anthropologie :: $1,298 (On sale for $1,038!)


Gulliver Console
Currently in my shopping cart!


  • LEGS! Raised legs – definitely very important to help create the illusion of more space in my little apartment / tapered shape – subtle detail / brass accents – on trend
  • TEXTURE! I mean, the carved wood is just visually stunning and so unique, I love how the handles are such a seamless part of the design
  • COLOR! I love that the color is not a stark white, but a beautiful variance of warm off whites tied together with white legs


2. Hepworth Storage Console :: Anthropologie :: $2,498 (On sale for $1,998!)

Hepworth Storage Console.jpg


  • MARBLE! The whole piece is marble with a lacquered finish which I love / and I so miss having a marble surface for styled photos / it comes in a pretty blush color too!
  • SHAPE! I think the shape is really cool with it’s curved sides – that’s not something you see everyday
  • DETAILS! This piece is so interesting to look at with the hardware, and brushed brass legs and the embossed look of the drawers
  • CON: The price is totally frightening so this piece will most likely never leave my dreams…even on sale…whomp


3. Delaney Marble TV Stand :: Pottery Barn Apartment :: $499

Delaney Marble TV Stand.jpg

  • MARBLE! The name gives it away but I love that the shelves are marble, always so classic and clean
  • BRASS! The brass frame definitely keeps this piece on trend (and personally, for small spaces I’m always a fan of anything that will reflect light)
  • CON: My old marble island had the same kind of open feel, which for the not always organized (me) sometimes looked messy… I think I need closed storage…sad panda


4. Lombok Buffet :: Anthropologie :: $1,998 (On sale for $1,598!)

Lombok Buffet.jpg

  • DETAILS! I mean come on! This is such a statement piece and such a moment / even better all of the cutouts create an airy feel so it doesn’t feel cumbersome
  • LEGS! I really like the simplicity of the legs – the subtle detail of the curve creates a nice balance to the intricate design
  • COLOR! That warm creamy white is really doing it for me / but this piece also comes in indigo and a natural color!


5. Williamina Chevron Credenza :: Lulu and Georgia :: $2,754 (25% off for Labor Day Weekend!)

Williamina Chevron Credenza.jpg

  • COLOR! Hahaha! I just spent all that time talking about all the pieces I love that are creamy-off white and what I think is most striking about this is the white white! But it does also comes in blush and greystone
  • DESIGN! I love the chevron pattern, and that there are no handles, such a chic look
  • LEGS! Can you guys tell by now – I have a thing for totally on trend brass legs – can’t stop won’t stop
  • CON: My rug is a chevron design also, and I think it would just be too much chevron for such a small space… and that price scares my soul


6. Odetta Media Console :: Anthropologie :: $1,998 (On sale for $1,598!)

Odetta Media Console.jpg

  • HARDWARE! Hardware! Hardware! It is so good – I love the oversized handles (the perfect amount of lucite), and the brushed brass legs (removable), flexibility is key for small space design
  • TEXTURE! You can’t really see it in this image (sorry, no zoom) but there is a really subtle really pretty textured pattern all over this console which makes for a beautiful detail
  • STORAGE! So I love that there is open and closed storage on this console, not only does that take the pressure off of needing to be the neatest, but creates more design interest


7. Ottinger 3 Door Server :: Several Sites :: $644 (On sale for $369!)

Ottinger 3 Door Server.jpg

  • DIY! I would definitely do a little paint job on this (probably a creamy white) and possibly change out the knobs… but that would be a phase 2 decision
  • DETAILS! I love that this piece has that same carved wood vibe of the Anthropologie pieces – and variances in wood color add depth and detail
  • I linked this server to Joss & Main but it is also available on Wayfair, Allmodern and Birch Lane


8. Audrey Dining Buffet :: West Elm :: $1,199 (On sale for $839!)

Audrey Dining Buffet - 62

  • TEXTURE! I love the geometric pattern and texture – it creates so much interest for being a white console
  • HARDWARE! I love the skinny brass legs (duh) to create that open and airy feel, I also love that the handles are that same brass finish
  • COLOR! Here we go again – back to loving on that creamy white color, with the other design elements going on, I love that this is not a stark white


9. Hemnes TV Unit :: Ikea :: $249



  • DIY! I would definitely change out the hardware, and most likely try to add some sort of color blocking… or texture blocking… is that a thing?
  • DESIGN! This unit has a really nice simple design / good storage which makes me feel better about adding a little something to it
  • I would probably start by checking out Tempaper, Cutting Edge Stencils, or O’verlays and let the design grow from there

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