Hi, I’m Brooke and I started B Styled for Living in 2017 after moving to Chicago, to pursue my life long dream of being a landscape designer. When I started the blog, I really just wanted a creative outlet to supplement my intense work days, someplace where the layouts, aesthetic, and content were all my own ideas – because as it happens, a junior designer is a lot of production and deadlines, not a lot of input. Fast forward a couple of years and I am no longer a practicing landscape designer but in fact returned to my first love – restaurants (although I didn’t know it was love until the third time around), and I am now a newly certified level 2 sommelier and server in the city!

So it makes sense that with an evolving life comes an evolving blog! On B Styled you can expect to read about and see pretty pictures of interior and balcony design :: 4 apartments later and I finallygot it right with my little 500 square foot rental, life :: my thoughts on it – all of it – career, friends, love (32 and single AF, don’t hate me cuz you ain’t me!), and adventures in the city :: because Chicago is pretty damn dope.

Ultimately I spent a lot of time in my 20s comparing my success to other people’s and being brutally hard on myself only to realize, no one has it all together, and no two people’s definition of success is exactly the same. So if my honest pursuit of happiness can calm, inspire, or unite us in the journey then hells yes and welcome!